Modern Combat Virtual Training online

Our Head Instructors each have over 20 years of expertise in Martial Arts. We have an outstanding reputation for our self-defence training courses and we are an expanding, inspirational and established community-focused award winning mixed martial arts academy. We pride ourselves on being a martial arts academy that has a dynamic, developed and modern way of teaching martial arts.
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Meet the Team

MCMA Head Instructor

David Hall

Krav Maga & Self Defence Instructor under the world famous Krav Maga Haim Zut Federation and The Wingate Institute in Israel, David is also under the guidance of the exceptionally reputable Krav Maga Haim Zut UK’s Chief Instructor, Joel Bennett. With over 20 years’ experience, he has a proven and extensive range for teaching at all levels and abilities. David is also a boxing instructor affiliated to Golden Gloves Boxing League, training all levels for competitions and tournaments within the UK. David is also a premier global qualified personal fitness and exercise specialist and has a passion for teaching and developing kids, juniors, adults (women & men) of all abilities and ages.

MCMA Head Muay Thai Instructor

Brian Knapp

Head Muay Thai & Kickboxing Instructor with over 20 years’ experience in amateur and professional fights and competitions in the UK & Thailand. Brian was an IFMA Muay Thai world championships squad member and is registered with the UKMTF & WMC Muay Thai Council. Brian has an extensive proven and range of ability & passion for successfully teaching at all levels including kids, juniors, adults (women & men) of all ages and abilities. Brian also teaches advanced students & professional fighters and he is also the lead co-ordinator for all MCMA-Muay Thai and Golden Gloves Boxing League competitions & tournaments.


Training with a Pro Coach

Gobinder Dhesi

I Just wanted to say thank you to Brian MCMA VT Instructor for introducing me to the online classes. Training by myself doesn't come close to what I can achieve training with a pro coach.

Fun, Interesting and Challenging

Zoe Witte

What a truly fantastic job we think you are doing with the online kids’ classes David. Our daughter has lost interest in doing any other fitness classes online but has maintained her motivation to do MCMA VT Zoom classes and we are so pleased. We really appreciate all your thoughtful planning in making the lessons fun, interesting and challenging. It’s such a difficult time for everyone and you are really making a difference with what you do. Thank you.

A Deeper Appreciation

Devan Seedher

The online training sessions have given me a deeper appreciation of shadow boxing as well as the finer elements of Muay Thai. I’m grateful that MCMA VT have taken the time to teach these online sessions and give me the opportunity to work on my techniques as well as my fitness!!

Improved my Focus

Lakshmi Samarakoon

Online training, a great way to focus on technique and fitness. As an ardent member of MCMA and I absolutely love the online classes which have improved my focus, technique whilst increasing my fitness levels. I find that I am able to take in every detail of the instruction. THANK YOU David, Brian and all the other instructors for enabling us to keep training with consistently high quality instruction that many of us have become accustomed to.